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Playing Fetch with the Nero Ball 2-Ball Method

By Luis Santana June 28, 2017 0 comments

What is the Nero 2 Ball Method?

If you want a quick and easy way to tire out your dog the Nero 2 Ball Method is perfect. In less than 15 minutes you can wear out even the most energetic dog, its super easy and a lot of fun.

All you need is 2 Nero Balls, a safe and open area, and an energetic dog eager to play!


Here is how you do it.

You take one ball and lets call this one Ball A. You show Ball A to your dog and toss it out about 30 feet. Once your dog runs out and gets it, call him back to you. When he gets near you, show him ball B and give the out command. As soon as the dog outs the ball you throw ball B.

Pickup ball A and repeat the process at longer distances.


This is a very effective way to wear out your do so when exercising him make sure you do not over exert your dog to the point that it does not want to walk. Using this method its easy to overwork your dog and cause a heat injury. Make sure you have plenty of water and shade available on hot days.  I also wouldn't recommend throwing the ball in the street on hot pavement as it could damage the dogs feet.


Large breed dogs such as shepherds and labs are susceptible to Bloat, a condition where the intestines twist. The condition is linked to running a dog on a full stomach. Because of this I suggest not exercising your dog after meals. I feed Nero at night when I no there is no chance that I will be running him.




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