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Frequently Asked Questions

Nero Ball Selection

Do Nero Balls float? Unfortunately no, with the exception of our new Nero Ball SPLASH!

What Nero Ball is best for my dog? Well, it all depends on what type of dog you have and the type of work you will be doing with your dog. If you have a pet dog that is like 80% of our customers a Nero Ball Classic will be your best choice. The Nero Ball Classics are the best for playing in the yard or at the training field and giving out rewards to a dog with moderate prey drive. 

If you have a police, military or extreme high drive dog a Nero Ball Ultra is your best ball to use for daily rewards and exercise. The Ultra has thicker walls and holds up better to daily use from a high drive dog. 

If you are a dock diver and looking for a floating ball then our new Nero Ball SPLASH! is the only floating Nero Ball we have. It is lighter weight than the other dogs and does well as a reward ball but because of it's lightweight material that allows it to float, we recommend using it only for water play. 

Puppies and small dogs such as Frenchies, and Pugs prefer the softer and smaller rubber of the Nero Ball Puppy.

If your dog is a monster and eats balls and toys like candy, then a Nero Ball is probably not a good choice for you. A Nero Ball is for dogs that play fetch with balls and don't eat them. Our Nero Balls are not considered a "chew toy" and should not be left with destructive dogs. 


Refunds, Shipping and Returns

Do you ship worldwide? YES! We love our international customers and ship worldwide. 

How long before my order ships? We usually ship from our office within one business day and often times if an order comes in before 2 pm EST we can ship same day!

What is your refund policy - We offer a 30-day refund policy from the time the package arrives at your door. Please keep in mind that a Nero Ball is not intended to be used as a chew toy and is not supposed to be left alone with your dog, especially young puppies. If your ball is damaged contact us for an exchange or full refund


HELP! The rope came out of the ball!! - 
If you have experienced a rope that has slipped out of your Nero Ball after some playing or training, fear not!

It’s an easy fix if you just follow these simple steps.

1. Remove the washers

2. Thread the rope through the small hole and out the big hole

3. Pull the rope out from the big hole and attach the washers.

4. Tie a knot at the end and pull it through the big hole

Here is a video that explains the process:


Influencers and Reviewers

 Do you want us to sponsor your event? Send you a product to review? Host or sponsor an Instagram contest? We would love to but we have some requirements.
You can visit our Promotions Page Here

Discounts and Wholesale

Police and Military Discounts - If you are a member of an accredited law enforcement agency, Fire Rescue, SAR, FEMA, Military, Federal Agency and would like our law enforcement discount you please visit our LE discount page here.

Dog Trainer and Working Dog Club Discounts - We welcome all working dog trainers and clubs to take advantage of our working dog trainer and club discount. If you have a working dog club or are a dog trainer you can apply for our discount program here

Do you offer Wholesale Discounts? At the moment we are not accepting any more retail partners so we can control our customer service experience. If you are interested in becoming an authorized retailer you can contact us here to be considered when we open it back up.